9 Workshops That Keep Our Beloved Customers Busy

Marketing strategy. Sounds fancy, huh? But is it necessary?

Conducting marketing, sales, or content production without a strategy is like embarking on a long, important drive without a map. You’ll probably struggle to reach your destination and could end up stranded halfway with an empty gas tank.

Enough with comparisons. In short, strategy is vital. And when you work with Playa, it’s an integral part of every project. We develop it together with our clients in our workshops.

Let’s see what these workshops are, the questions we solve in them, and the results they yield.

To start with, we hold several workshops with our clients and most of them are repeated or combined during the course of our collaboration. I’ve counted 9.

  1. Needs Analysis

In this workshop, we discover and analyse the specific needs and objectives of our clients. Together, we identify key areas to address and define expected outcomes. The result is a detailed report of needs and priorities.

  1. Content Strategy

This workshop focuses on creating an effective content strategy. We discuss what content will be most relevant and valuable for the target audience. The outcome is a structured content strategy plan including topics, formats, and distribution channels.

  1. Content Plan

Content planning is crucial to ensure consistency and efficiency of marketing activities. In the workshop, we create a detailed content plan that includes specific dates, responsibilities, and content formats. The result is a content activity calendar.

  1. Video Storytelling

Video is a powerful tool for communication and engaging the audience. In this workshop, we learn how to tell stories through video. We discuss scripts, visual style and techniques for maximum effectiveness. The outcome is a concept and storyboard for video campaigns.

  1. B2B Marketing

B2B marketing specifics require different approaches. In this workshop, we focus on strategies and tactics specific to the B2B market. We discuss lead generation, account-based marketing, and other key elements. The outcome is a tailored B2B marketing strategy.

  1. Customer Education

Educating customers is key to their long-term satisfaction and loyalty. At the workshop, we plan educational materials and programs that help customers better understand and use your products or services. The outcome is an education plan and content materials.

  1. Web Design

Website design plays a crucial role in a company’s online presentation. In this workshop, we discuss user experience, visual style, and website functionality. The result is a wireframe and web design concept.

  1. Branding

A strong brand is the foundation of a successful company. At the workshop, we focus on defining brand identity, values, and mission. We discuss visual and communication elements of the brand. The outcome is a brand manual and communication strategy.

  1. Value Proposition

The value proposition is a key element of the marketing strategy. In this workshop, we identify the value that your products or services bring to customers. We discuss differentiation and positioning. The result is a clearly defined value proposition.

  1. Communication Strategy

Effective communication is the foundation of a successful marketing campaign. At this workshop, we create a communication strategy that includes target groups, key messages, and communication channels. The result is a comprehensive communication activity plan.


Collaborating with Playa will give you clearly defined strategies and plans, essential to your company’s success. Our workshops will help you better understand your needs, create effective content and marketing campaigns, and achieve your business goals.