ComAp, a leading manufacturer of control products for power generation and engine control, has asked Playou to help them prepare an explainer video to strongly support their offer in an important international tender. Playou delivered a 3-minute long video, that introduced the company and showcased

Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta Research and Development was looking for a way to present their newest product for funding – and they chose Playou and their video solution to do so. We delivered a video series that “sold” the product to the company’s CEO and successfully launched further product development.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft partner Manica has asked Playou to create digital content to support implementation of Microsoft Teams within major central European banks and companies.The result was a video series that helped employees better understand the upcoming changes and more likely accept them.

Alza is the largest and most successful e-shop in the Czech Republic with a turnover of more than billion Euros. It also operates in Slovakia and Hungary. Together with Playou, Alza launched a new Smart section and a multi-language campaign for its Sound section. Inspiration Alza had two tasks academy

You’ve heard of cyanides. But what do you know about them? That is the main topic of the series we created for