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Join our Video Acceleration Program and empower your team to create impactful videos  in-house.


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One-time video projects

Playou Production
  • Animated explainer videos
  • Live-Action videos (EU + UK)
  • Video app development
  • Video marketing strategy
Projects include
  • Analysis workshop
  • Video strategy workshops
  • Storytelling workshop
  • Animatic video concept
  • Tailor-made graphic design /illustrations
  • Tailor-made animations
  • Professional actor voiceover (any language)
  • Sound design / Music composing
  • Two reviews for each phase
  • Free exclusive video hosting space
  • Testing with customers (optional)
From €5000/video

Video acceleration plan

In-House production program
  • Analysis workshops
  • Content strategy workshops
  • Storytelling workshops
  • Content Quality Improvements
  • Production process optimisations
  • Creative training (content creation, tools, apps)
  • Production management workshops, training, coaching
  • Communication with internal/external clients, briefing, reviews
  • Recruitment of creative experts
Playou production
  • Animated explainer videos
  • Live-Action videos (EU + UK)
  • Video app development
Playou Talents
  • Recruitment of creative experts
  • Interim creative/art directors
  • Interim production managers
  • Hire our creative experts for your projects (animators, graphic designers, camera operators, etc.)
From €990/month

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