Rich-content for corporate compliance and security

Large organisations need to maintain employee awareness of policies and security regulations. To be successful, compliance departments need engaging and functional content and a modern training platform.

At Playou, we transform corporate documents such as PDFs, PPTs, etc. into engaging videos, interactive video courses or apps. We can also create a bespoke modern learning platform and integrate it with your existing systems.

Key solutions

Main benefits

Converting documents to videos

Employees are more likely to watch a video than read a boring document. We’ll turn your existing compliance content into engaging videos in a matter of months.

Interactive learning tools

We create interactive web tools or applications from your compliance documents and texts. You can also test your employees’ knowledge and get feedback from them.

Compliance portals for employees

Platforms like Sharepoint are often not intuitive and employees can get lost in them. We create a compliance portal for your employees where they can always find what they need.

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