We turn your ideas
into tangible results

We increase team productivity and help solve complex challenges
using design thinking workshops and visualizations.


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How do we help companies?

Development of new products and services

Give your potential clients and investors a chance to support your revolutionary idea. Give your ideas a clear shape, and successfully bring them to the market.


Do you need to sell more? We will help you find the right strategy for customers acquisition, or create a completely new business model.


Do you need to better understand your customers? Together, we will create user profiles, empathy maps or customer journey maps.


Are you looking for opportunities to streamline your company’s finances? Bring in your colleagues, and together we will use visual methods to find a sustainable solution.

Human Resources

Do you need to find the right people for your teams? Together, we will create talent maps, strategies for recruitment campaigns or onboarding.


Design thinking was created for development and innovation of products and services. Use visual methods to test hypotheses and create prototypes faster.

Design thinking and visual thinking is not limited to any field or type of problem.
Contact us and we will show you how it works.

Why think visually together?

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What tools do we use?


Design Thinking workshops

We guide you through our juicy workshops that are based on Design Thinking – a proven methodology for innovation, change and problem solving, which is used by Apple, Google, IBM, and other market leaders.


Visualization and media creation

With us, everything is visual. Our team of designers will turn any idea into illustration, video, game, website or even physical product. Your team, company, customers and investors will understand every detail of your idea.

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Storytelling / campaigns

For your projects to succeed, you need the support of other people. We will help you test your ideas and hypotheses or carry out your objectives across the company, among customers or investors.

Case studies

We've visualized the strategies that the Market Scouts team will patiently guide you through

In order to create a prototype of this website, we created a visualization of the customer journey – a hypothetical path of our client. We show it to potential clients and get feedback in order to set up the service correctly.

We helped Konica Minolta's R&D team push the development of their revolutionary technology

We hosted a two-day workshop with the Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe team and subsequently created a set of video stories for the validation of Cognitive HUB technology across the company and important decision makers.

How to start?

Contact us and we will discuss everything together over a short video call. Don’t know where to start? No matter, we will listen to you carefully and suggest a path that we can take together.

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Warm-up workshop

Taste the quality of our approach at a 2.5 hour-long workshop. We will introduce you to our methodologies, and together apply them directly to your project.

Pathfinder workshop

We’ll walk you through the process of finding a way to reach your goal or solve a problem. Together we will create a visual roadmap.

Design sprints

Build extensive strategies, innovations or products in a few days. Intensive work with results awaits.