Videos for business teams

Rapidly heighten sales results with videos

Why use videomarketing for business?

Video is like a salesman who never gets tired. By using video, you can reach out to thousands or even millions of potential clients around the world. Videos have many advantages in terms of sales. For example, video has four times the degree of engagement that text has, and it also has higher conversion.

During a short amount of time (e.g. 60 seconds), video has the ability to persuade potential customers. Its rich format passes on both information and emotions, thus communicating the culture of the brand and forming a relationship with the client.

Examples of the use of videos in commercial communication

E-mail marketing – place a video into your email communication. By doing so, you’ll heighten email click-through rates, make the actual content of the email more attractive, and increase chances of conversion.

Presentations and conferences – a great icebreaker and aide while presenting

Web pages – an explainer video persuades clients, e.g. in e-shops

Social media – video can help close an order, e.g. on Facebook

Cold Calling  – send a video to new leads that will help increase the number of replies

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