Video tutorials

Video tutorials teach clients and employees how your products or services work

What are video tutorials?

Video tutorials or video courses are educational or instructional videos that explain and teach your clients and employees the necessary information.

Tutorials are videos that are often several minutes long but can also run much longer. They are primarily aimed at the audience that is looking for certain knowledge, e.g. at clients who want to understand software.

Video tutorials can serve to gain new clients. If you are, for instance, a hosting company and you publish video on YouTube or WordPress, using a video tutorial can help a large community of potential clients for web hosting…

Who are video tutorials aimed at?

A guide to your webpage or online service – help clients get oriented on your website or online service.

Client support – if you provide any online service, you have to provide high-quality support. Videos will do the work for you, saving your money and time.

Onboarding clients and employees – a series of video training sessions for a new employee or acquisition of a client

Training – video training for employees and clients

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