Unleash the Power of
Customer Education

Accelerate Growth, Enhance Customer Satisfaction, and Boost Your Bottom Line

Join our advisory team for an exclusive and individualised workshop to address your concrete business challenges. In just 30 minutes of consultation and 2.5 hours of the collaborative workshop, we’ll analyse opportunities to improve critical areas such as reducing churn, increasing revenue on clients, reducing complaints, increasing conversion rates, and increasing customer loyalty. Harness the potential of customer education to unlock new possibilities for your business.

Who Can Benefit?

This offer is suitable for companies of all industries and markets, with a workforce of over 250 employees. Effective communication in English is essential as the workshop and consultation will be conducted online.

Why Customer Education Matters?

Customer education content can be a game-changer for your business. By providing valuable resources and empowering your customers with knowledge, you can drive meaningful outcomes:

Reducing Churn

Minimize customer attrition rates by equipping your customers with the information and tools they need to succeed.

Increasing Revenue

Unlock upselling and cross-selling opportunities by educating customers on the full range of your products.

Reduce Complaints

Proactively address common customer concerns, reduce complaints, and improve the customer experience.

Conversion Rates

Nurture leads with content, building trust and increasing the likelihood of converting prospects into customers.

Customer Loyalty

Build strong relationships with your customers by demonstrating your commitment to their success through educational content.

Product Adoption

Educate your customers about the full potential and features of your products or services, enhancing their adoption and usage.

During the workshop, our team of experts will collaborate with yours to develop tailored strategies and solutions, including customer education content, that align with your specific objectives.

Advisory team

Daniel Ladra

The experienced creative director who has driven hundreds of educational content projects, bringing creativity and expertise to empower organizations through customer education.

Radim Hladis

CEO of Playou, a consultancy specializing in customer education and business. Radim provides valuable insights and guidance to create impactful learning experiences that drive business growth and customer satisfaction.

Chris LoDolce

Partner consultant from SaaS Academy Advisors and former Hubspot Academy Director. Chris has played a pivotal role in designing, building, and scaling one of the most successful customer academies in the world during his 9+ years at HubSpot. 

persona profile course

Let's have some fun

Visual Collaboration

We harness the power of visual collaboration tools, such as Miro, to create an immersive and interactive workshop environment. Through shared visual boards, we collaborate with you and your team in real-time, making the experience engaging, dynamic, and visually stimulating.

Learn Through Play

We prioritize key issues and practical solutions in our impactful workshops. Participants won't feel overwhelmed as we guide discussions towards achievable outcomes, ensuring an enjoyable experience without unnecessary headaches.

Not Overkilling

We understand the power of customer education for business growth. Our workshops balance ambitious goals with practical implementation. We break down complex concepts into manageable, actionable steps, making customer education more approachable and attainable.

Use cases

  • Draslovka experienced a global impact as Playou partnered with them to debunk myths and educate the public about cyanides, fostering awareness and understanding.

  • Pharmaceutical companies have relied on Playou to educate patients, doctors, and distribution channels, driving enhanced knowledge and improved outcomes.

  • Facilitating seamless user onboarding to Microsoft Teams in Czech banks through engaging video content.

  • Playou helped Paysend acquire millions of new customers through engaging educational onboarding video content.

  • By introducing new technologies and leveraging customer education, Playou assisted Konica in significantly increasing cross-selling opportunities.

  • Playou collaborated with Suzano to define a robust Customer Education Strategy, resulting in a substantial increase in the selling of Eucalyptus pulp.

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