„Learn how to craft a great story that will sell, explain or convince“

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Storytelling is part of all communication, whether we realise it or not. Whether you need to convince your customer or boss, explain a new product, present the results for the last quarter or just have a completely normal conversation with a colleague. We want to teach you how to tell stories and how to use them.

Be the first who will try our new on-line cohort course – Storytelling for professionals. Register, and you will receive an invitation to a beta version of our learning course during October / November – for free! 
(regular price for the learning course would be $599)

Sign-up until September 30th, 2020


You registered. What’s next?

We will launch the first pilot version during November 2020. We will inform you ASAP after your registration about the concrete date and details of the course.

Why do we offer a learning course for free? Does it have any value at all?

We offer the course for free because it is a pilot course – it will be our first public version. We do this to show people our work and, most importantly, to get feedback. Thanks to that, we will create another version even better. Don’t worry. It has excellent value! We call it a “pilot run”, but this training course has previously passed dozens of tests and iterations.

How much time do I need to set aside for the course?

The learning course will run for five weeks. It will start on a specific date and will have a particular deadline. Our team of storytelling and education experts will assist our students during the course. However, you can start studying at any time. Students have to complete the learning course before the deadline. We recommend that you set aside 4 hours a week to study.

Meet your instructor

Justin Svoboda
Storyteller and Scriptwriter at Playou
Storylover. He likes to tell and to listen. Experiences in theater, radio, corporations, events. He gained his best skills by telling different stories to his children every day. It’s harder to convince three year old, than a CEO.

Sign-up until September 30th, 2020