Playou Partner Program

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We are a digital content production and consulting firm specialising in creating content and technology to educate customers. Over the last eight years, we’ve delivered over 800 projects – from simple explainer videos to large-scale online academies.

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Radim Hladis, CEO Playou

We are looking for business and consulting partners in marketing and business development. Specifically, we are looking for partners who share our belief that companies should focus on building relationships with their existing customers and should support them through education.

Partner Program overview

What skills do our partner need to have?

Selling our services requires a good understanding of marketing and its latest trends. Our partner should also have (at least five) years of experience managing a portfolio of different projects, such as an advertising agency, creative studio, and consulting firm. The essential skill is dealing with people and having a network of active contacts.

What profile should our partner have?

Our partner can be a freelancer or a company - our cooperation will be based on a business contract. The partner should already have a network of contacts to potential clients or the ability to build such a network.

How does the collaboration between Playou and the partner work?

The partner works as a Business Development Expert and is partly an Account Manager. Playou takes care of the complete pre-sales process and handles the entire project, including its management and risks. Playou provides the partner with regular training and support through consultations (online and in person) to give the partner the best chance to win new orders and customers.

How the financial model of cooperation works?

The partner will work with Playou as an agent receiving project commissions. Playou will work as a direct supplier to the client and will bear all the risks associated with the project. The partner will be contractually protected and will be entitled to a commission in the long term when he takes care of the client. We will communicate details of commission calculations to interested partners on an online call.

In which countries are we looking for partners?

UK, Netherlands, United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Ireland, France, Spain

Let's work together!

Are you interested in getting more information? We will be happy to explain the details of the cooperation in an online call. Send us a short message, and we’ll get back to you immediately.