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We helped Konica Minolta to launch Cognitive Hub

Konica Minolta’s international team was in an early development stage of the Cognitive Hub, a breakthrough workspace hub powered by AI that aimed to revolutionize the workplace.

To understand the product to the utmost detail, we organized a two-day workshop with the client’s team. On the first day, we learned about the end users, the product, and its real-world application.

We drafted a story – a day in the life of a manager, traveling to a distant branch of her company. Based on that story, we put together a storyboard.

We fine-tuned every aspect of the story on the second day and launched the video production.

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How do we help innovators?

Strategy visualisations

We help teams to turn abstract data, ideas and strategies into tangible visual outcomes – like customer journey mapping, persona profiles, value propositions, business model canvases and much more. We also help facilitate workshops and teach teams how to think and work visually.

Validation of ideas

To get feedback and iterate your ideas and prototypes, we create prototypes of your products and explanatory visualisations, in media such as videos, games, websites, and more. The more tangible and clear the outcome is, the better feedback you get from end users, investors and other stakeholders.

Startup Pitch

Your pitch is your story. Do you need to attract and engage the right investors to your project? We will create an impactful sales pitch—presentations, videos, texts or visualisations, and help you precisely explain your value proposition, business model, your product, and much more.

Activation / Marketing

Is your product market-ready? We will help you target the right group of potential customers with the right message. We will create an entire solution for communication and sales campaigns, PR, events and much more. We also help you run the campaigns and repeatedly grow the impact with enhancements.

Design methods

Empathy Researches

We build our projects on several pillars, and one of them is knowing the target audience. We strive to create outcomes that work. 

Whenever possible, we interview audiences, take surveys and lead focus-group workshops with your clients. Why not ask what works for them?

Workshops & trainings

We work together with teams. We use design thinking methods and tools to collaborate. We believe that’s the way to achieve results. 

We also train teams to be able to create stories, videos, sketches and much more. Let’s work together and have some fun!

Creative tools & outcomes

How might we help you?

Contact us. We will listen to you carefully and suggest the path we are going to take.