Paysend is a financial services provider with 1.7 million customers worldwide. Their challenge is to constantly acquire new customers and keep up with their competitors like Revolut or Transferwise. In 2018 they asked Playou to help them create strong content for their global campaigns.

Brief and delivery

After introducing us to their challenges and plans for their digital campaigns, our team came up with ideas for new content.
Those ideas were molded into scripts and animated concepts over several meetings and online workshops with the product team and marketing manager. Once the concepts were approved by the management, the production has started.


Playou has created a set of explainer videos and video ads in multiple languages and formats. In order to appeal to different markets, the visuals were altered and based on the user base, either the desktop or the mobile app was promoted.

Since the products are evolving very fast, Paysend and Playou have established long-term cooperation and the content is being constantly updated.


Over the past 2 years, Paysend was able to acquire more than 1 500 000 new customers. One of the main reasons was their strong online presence, including campaigns with the content from Playou.