Become our partner!

Become our partner and build up the powerful
video production service for your customers!

Are you a marketing agency, live video producer or digital marketing entrepreneur? Now you can expand your business and start up your own animated video production service with Playou!

Creative partner

For whom the Creative partnership is?

Do you have a creative team? Do you create idea concepts, provide screenwriting, simple sketch storyboarding and an excellent client service? Are you, e.g. full-service advertising agency or live action video production? Then you could be the right partner!

What’s the responsibility of the Creative partner?

The creative partner is in charge of the video project conception. The partner communicates with the client, creates concepts, scripts and simple storyboards. The partner also cooperates closely with our team. The rest of the video production process is our job.

How does Playou support Creative partners?

We help you right from the start. We provide data for price calculation. We guide you through the pre-production process, we take care of the video production and deliver the final product.

Consulting partner

Who is the right Consulting partner?

Are you a PPC agency, social media agency, some of the profoundly specialised marketing agencies, freelance art director or marketing consultant? You talk to clients and discover their needs. Playou takes care of the rest – from the first idea to the final video.

What do we expect from the Consulting partner?

Consulting partnership is mainly focused on selling. The partner is responsible for excellent communication with clients. We expect the partner to have basic knowledge of digital marketing.

How does Playou support Consulting partners?

We help our Consulting Partner from the very beginning of the project. We prepare individual price calculation and creative concept for pre-sale (if needed). Then we cover the whole Pre-production and Production process, simply put we deliver the video.

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