Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta Research and Development was looking for a way to present their newest product for funding – and they chose Playou and their video solution to do so.


We delivered a video series that “sold” the product to the company’s CEO and successfully launched further product development.



Konica Minolta’s international team was in an early development stage of a breakthrough workspace hub powered by AI, that aimed to revolutionize the workplace. The Cognitive Hub.

They asked Playou to help them put together a strong video presentation, that can explain the product and showcase its functionalities on a crucial funding meeting with their CEO.



To understand the product to the utmost detail, we organized a 2-days workshop with Konica Minolta’s team.

In the first day, we started with learning about the product and its real world application. In the later part of the day, we put together a story – one day in life of a manager, traveling to a distant branch of her company.

Based on the story, we’ve put together a storyboard. We fine-tuned on the second day and launched the video production.

After going through the carefully tailored production process and gathering feedback, we have presented the final video.

Konica Minolta’s team was very happy with the result and we were ready to proceed to the final stage of the project.



Playou has put together a set of videos to cover the needs of the R&D department:

  • Main video presenting the story of the product in a daily run

  • 3 separate short video presentations of the crucial functionalities

  • Visual presentation for the product page



As a result of the product presentation, the project was successfully funded and thus launched as a fully-fledged product development.

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