Interactive videos


Interactivity turns videos into a sales tool. It connects the viewers directly with your e-shop or website, allowing them to interact with commercial content right inside the video. Playou provides a turnkey service - we create interactive video concept, produce engaging content and set the interactivity of videos itself.


Hotspot videos

Connect your potential customers with the products right inside the video and allow them to shop directly. All they have to do to see the product page is to click on a hotspot - then they can even watch another video about that product or take another action. Hotspots bring people closer to purchase!

Branching videos

Let the customers choose to view the content that is intended for them. Whether it's skin type when selecting cosmetics or engine power when picking a car, the content of their choice and interest is just one click away. It’s fun and attractive to potential customers, and that makes your brand more attractive.


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360° hotspot videos

360° videos don’t belong only to VR headsets. They are supported by web browsers, YouTube, and social media as well. It's an attractive format. Plus, if there are hotspots or other interactive features, viewers are willing to spend much more time watching the video - and that’s always good for you and your brand.

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Multistream videos

The multi-stream video is a unique format that shows two parallel stories in one video at once. For example, imagine a story that takes place in two different timelines or alternative realities. Just move the interactive slider, and see the other timeline or reality in the same video. Viewers love these entertaining little things!



67% rate

The vast majority of users will respond to interactive hot-spots in the videos. Get a video that sells.

2x longer

People spend a lot more time watching interactive videos. Increase the interest in your brand.

16% Click
Through Rate

Whether your users will be shopping for cosmetics or asking you for a test drive at the car shop, you can count on a satisfactory number of click-throughs.



We’ve created almost 300 unique videos
for more than 100 of our beloved customers.