Gamification of Customer Education Academy

Customer Education Academies are web portals usually containing exciting content such as videos, articles, ebooks, quizzes, etc. If you want to engage your customers or visitors to the website, you try to make your content exciting and well-crafted. Another discipline you are involved in is Sharing and promoting your academy on various social networks, using email, etc. Therefore, to keep your customers in your academy and keep them coming back repeatedly, you are constantly creating new content to keep your academy from getting stale.

And gamification is the topic we’ll be interested in this article. After all, there are still several ways to make your educational website even more attractive to your customers. We’re going to talk about so-called gamification – the discipline that tries to make work a game.

What is gamification?

Gamification is a discipline where you want to make usually online content more entertaining. You try to reward users with points, badges and bonuses. You reward users for activity. You put in-game content or change all the content on the game. Gamification leads you to get users to consume your content and motivate them to return regularly.

The challenge of contemporary online education

On a recent visit to the World of Learning trade show in Birmingham, I visited several dozen exhibitors who provide learning management systems – LMS – platforms. These are the systems on which your online courses and academies run. Other exhibitors covered the various additional features that make LMS systems even better.

It was evident at the fair that the whole world of education is tackling one big challenge – how to make education as attractive as possible. That is to say, the biggest problem but friend of online education is the reluctance of students to go through challenging courses and learning activities.
Of course, this is not just a problem of online education but of education in general – this problem has always been there and probably always will be.

Is gamification the solution?

So how do we solve it to make online education more fun and accessible to many people? That is, even for people who don’t have hours or days to devote to their studies. What is the solution for people willing to dedicate themselves to development, for example, just two minutes a day?

Platform manufacturers are developing various forms of gamification tools, for example:

  • Activity scoring
  • Rewarding users with different badges for achieving specific achievements
  • Rewarding by unlocking Premio content
  • Rewarding with vouchers for goods and services
    Creating and managing avatars
    Team communication and interaction
    Community forums
    Social Groups
  • Many other features

There are no limits to the imagination regarding gamification, but you must create a meaningful system.

Another approach to gamification is game design. There are several platforms on which you can create simple games for your customers and students. For example, such a game can be a quiz that includes interactive elements, contests, winners lists, rewards, etc.

Micro courses and micro quizzes are another about custom and trend-developing educational platforms. Their producers usually focus on mobile devices. Micro quizzes and micro-courses are designed so that the user spends, e.g. 2 minutes a day on education. You must know, for example, the Duolingo app, which is very successful among adult children. Like Duolingo, the new micro-learning platforms also offer an adaptive learning feature – This means that the learning course and content adapts to the student and their needs.

I haven’t listed all the gamification options and techniques, but I trust you now have at least a basic overview.