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Do you need to increase customer loyalty, educate your employees, or make a change in your company? We see stories behind everything. And there are hundreds of possible uses for a great story. In the workshop, we focus on a single goal – to make one excellent story in 150 minutes.

Let’s create story

The video storytelling workshop will bring 150 minutes of exciting design experience to your team. Together we will create a story of your product, brand or anything that matters. A lot of fun of course, but moreover you will have a tangible outcome that can be used to drive your communication or marketing campaigns.

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Radim & Daniel are looking forward to meeting you

Daniel is a creative director at Playou. Hundreds of video stories were created under his supervision. Daniel will guide you through the storytelling journey.

Radim is a marketing and design thinking enthusiast. He understands clients’ point of view and how to connect people with a good narrative.

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