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On this page you can find our e-books and all documents related to our courses that will help you to kick-start your business and start educating your customers.


Story Structure for Business

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STORYTELLING SCHOOL by Playou, a team of professionals in storytelling and visual marketing.
Let us share with you the essential elements and outline of acompelling business story.

The Strategy of Impactful Video

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Video is a powerful marketing tool. If you’re considering to take advantage of this tool, plan your strategy first. Think about how to reach and engage your target audience or what video format to choose.

Other documents

Strategy Canvas Template

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Download a template of a Strategy Canvas with examples.

If you want to learn more about the basics of video marketing, check out our online course.

Persona Profile Template

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Download a template and an example of a Persona Profile and discover who are the representants of your target audience to start creating the perfect strategy.

Example of a Storyboard

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