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What is Customer Education? 

Customer Education is a term that is clear at first glance, but at the same time, it is very abstract. Probably everyone imagines something different under this term. Someone imagines a seminar for clients in a hotel, someone thinks about online courses and blogs, someone means one-on-one training, etc.

As mentioned in other articles, here at Playou, we see Customer Education in all the above and many other formats. However, Customer Education doesn’t mean only some activity for us but rather a strategy, an approach or a mindset. Customer Education aims to improve relationships, sales results, client trust, and loyalty, reduce acquisition costs, reduce customer churn, etc. The list of benefits is long.

Let’s create inspiring stories together. Share your successes with us.

We want to hear about your stories and share them with others through our blog. We are interested in successes or failures in the field of Customer Education. Do you have one?

We want to show Customer Education on individual examples and in particular fields. That is why we are starting a new era for our blog. We will create a series with stories of people and companies – marketers, customer education managers, customer success managers, business directors, CEOs, etc. All on the topic of Customer Education.

Our blog aims to bring as much information as possible about this topic and inspire the broadest possible audience. 

What topics and industries do we want to cover?

Education is not just a matter of selected companies but concerns any industry, which is why we are interested in stories from all possible fields.

Here are a few examples of topics we’re interested in and why we should discuss these industries.

SaaS companies

For the SaaS segment, Customer Education has long been a critical need that significantly impacts success. Acquiring new clients is expensive, so SaaS providers must put effort into onboarding and client care. Stories about Customer Success strategies are essential, and it would be great to spread case studies and experiences to other SaaS companies, especially startups.

E-Commerce companies

Online sellers depend on their website and the information the customer finds on it during the decision-making process. This fact applies to the sale of both products and services. Educated customers better understand what they buy and why they buy it. They are also willing to pay more because they know the value of the products. Some also need to understand how exactly the product works before buying it. In short, e-shops must build trust and play an open game.

Manufacturing companies

Manufacturing companies such as machine shops, manufacturers of various equipment, building materials, electronics, etc., depending on their customers’ education. Their customers are either users of the products, their distributors, sellers, other manufacturers or end consumers. Manufacturers must explain and educate their customers and often the general public

Service Providers

I mean any service provider – that is, not only online services. I’m talking about lawyers, advertising agencies, accounting, hairdressing, etc. In services, it’s about trust and reliability, and good relationships are essential. Openness and good communication lead to good relationships. Customer education leads precisely to the fact that the client and the service provider get to know each other.

Banks and financial services

It may not always be advantageous for banks to have smart customers – for example, when they take out an expensive loan – sorry, that was a joke. I instead thought that banks needed clients who would be able to pay the loan. The education of bank clients is enormously important – both for the bank and the clients. Educated debtors are good for the entire national economy. A specific area is investing. After all, everyone can invest today without having to know anything. You must have money and a mobile phone and go shopping for your Apple shares or Bitcoin. This is a huge problem because, as all investment companies must state, around 70% – 80% of investors usually lose money! Why? Because they can’t invest. Often the educational activities of these providers could be more specific. There are also platforms where investors educate each other – unfortunately, some influencers are often amateur investors. I would be happy to get a case study, for example, about how a broker successfully educates investors and a bank teaches people financial literacy.


The culture of Customer Education in stores and supermarkets could be better. In the case of hobby markets, the situation is better because these companies try to teach their clients how to use their products. For example, how to make a floor yourself. YouTube is full of videos like it. I like these videos, too, because I enjoy fixing up the house. It’s worse when you go to the supermarket – openness and Customer Education are relatively rare; they focus on advertising, discounts, pressure, emotions, etc. We would be interested in cases where, for example, a grocery supermarket tries to help its clients to eat well and be healthy.


The mining field is, of course, a socially complex topic. It’s a political issue. Oil products, gas, precious metals, coal, electricity, etc. – we all need these to live, and even if we don’t like the consequences of their production or extraction, we still use them daily.
However, these companies have a certain responsibility, and they can influence their customers. That is why we would be interested in a story, for example, about a project that aims to increase consumer responsibility, energy savings, etc.

These were just a few examples – there are, of course, other fields where many educational projects are happening – for example:

      • Arts, Entertainment and Recreation

      • Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting

      • Administration, Business Support and Waste Management Services

      • Transportation and Warehousing

      • Accommodation

      • Public Administration

      • Construction

      • Health Care

      • Business franchises

      • Specialist Engineering, Infrastructure and Contractors

      • Life Sciences

      • Energy

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