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Education of your customers starts now with our ready-made all-in-one customer academy.

Get a strategy, a bespoke educational portal full of fun and interactive content tailored for you and your clients. Join us and other successful companies in a new age of business.

Customer Education Strategy

Workshops & Consultations

It starts with a simple question: “What is your goal?”

We will find out. Online or face to face.

Workshops to create an ultimate and efficient strategy.

Advanced follow-up consultations for perfection.

Customer Education Portal

A modern Educational Portal

Over the years we have established a suite of proven and effective customer education techniques.

Customer education academies by Playou are hosted on secure and fast portals. Always up to date.

Fun and community features

Various features limiteds only by your imagination.

  • Immersive e-learning tools
  • Gamification features
  • Forums
  • FAQ
  • Videos
  • Membership sections
  • Payment interface

Content Production

A wide range of educational content

Video lessons, blog articles, E-books, infographics, worksheets, quizzes and more.

All the content is carefully prepared by our best
video directors, copywriters, and graphic designers.

Engaging video content

Videos are the most engaging content of all.

They are our passion, we spent years mastering this craft and that’s how we became real experts.

  • Animated videos with fun or cute graphics
  • Live-action videos with professional actors
  • Authentic video shooting with your employees
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Ready-made and sustainable solution from Playou team

Seek an ageless, scalable and evolving solution.
Our plans are designed for a long-term collaboration.

We will keep your strategy, your academy portal and all the content running and up-to-date for years.

Customer Academy Strategy
Content Strategy How to educate customers properly? Our team will work with you through online workshops to develop a Customer Education Program.
Portal StrategyWhat will the education portal for your customers look like? Workshops where we will prepare the structure of the portal and its concept.
Regular ConsultationsThe service includes regular consulting and optimization. We are always with you.
Academy Portal Features
Customer Academy WebsiteWe will create a customer education portal for you. It will contain all the educational content and at the same time will represent your brand perfectly.
Learning Management System (LMS)The portals include an innovative system for E-learning and management of all students, i.e. your customers.
Community, Groups, Forums
Academy Gamification
Custom BrandingWe create the entire portal for you and tailor-made for you.
SupportWe take care of the technical condition and health of your portal and provide support.
Content Production
Copywriting & ScriptwriitngWe write texts for your web portal, create content for training courses, write e-books, blog articles, social media posts, etc. In quantities according to your plan limit.
Custom Graphic designWe create customized graphics for your portal, online courses , e-books etc.
Explainer VideosWe create for you filmed and animated videos for the web, for educational lessons and courses and for promoting your content on social media.
On-line CoursesWe create fun online courses for your clients with videos, quizzes, supplementary materials. Courses include gamification elements, certifications, leaderboards, etc.
Blog ArticlesWe will write educational blogpost for you.
QuizzessWe will create fun quizzes, tests or interesting and creative assignments for your customers.
CertificationWe'll create automated certifications and rewards for your diligent clients.
SupportWe'll make sure your content is always error-free and up-to-date.

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