Customer Academies, Apps & Games

We’ll create an engaging academy for your customers in a few months.

The video series aims to explain important information about cyanides to the general public. For example, what are cyanides? Which everyday substances contain cyanides? Where can you find them in nature, the human body, and everyday life? 


UOL Academy

UOL Academy aims to help entrepreneurs and accounting experts in the Czech Republic gain complex knowledge in accounting. Accounting is surely not a fun topic for most people. That’s why UOL bets on engaging videos, e-books, quizzes, games, and more.


Alza Smart

For Alza, the largest Czech online retailer, we created video series for their e-commerce. The series educates customers about IoT solutions and helps them select and operate individual products.


Customer Academy Features

Workshops & Consultations

How to educate customers properly? We will work with you through workshops to develop a Customer Education Program.


We create engaging Animated and Live-action videos with professional actors or your employees for your academy.

Applications & Micro-learning

We build mobile apps with adaptive micro-learning features for your clients. They can enjoy your content every day.

Testing & Prototyping

Before we produce any final content, we create prototypes and test them with your team and some of your customers.

Portal & on-line courses

We will create a customer education portal for you. It will contain educational content and will represent your brand.


We will help to attract your clients to learn in your academy. We will create promotional content and a communication plan.


We create texts for your web portal, content for training courses, e-books, blog articles, social media posts, and more.

Learning Gamification

Let's make education fun! Your clients will love getting points, achievements, vouchers and winning contests.

Measurement & Optimisation

We will measure the performance of your academy and optimise it. We will also create and update the content regularly.

800+ projects

We have helped our clients educate tens of millions of their users and potential customers.