Customer Academies

We’ll create a personalized academy for your customers, enabling valuable knowledge gain, skill enhancement, and deeper brand engagement.


1) Tailored content creation

We create captivating animated and live-action videos, engaging e-books, informative blog articles an more. Stay ahead with regular updates, ensuring fresh, relevant content that keeps your customers engaged and excited to continue their learning journey.

Video courses

Customer Academies by Playou offer a wide range of video courses, ensuring an engaging learning experience for your customers.

Animated videos

Ignite curiosity with animations. Deliver information in a visually memorable way, making learning enjoyable within your Academy.

Live-action videos

Bring your brand to life with engaging content featuring our actors or your employees. Enhance the learning experience within your Academy.

Microlearning apps:

Maximize learning efficiency with concise lessons. Empower learning, accessing content anywhere. Elevate engagement in your Academy.


Enrich learning with engaging resources. Empower customers to deepen knowledge, expand expertise within your Academy.

Academy portals

Tailored platforms on our system or your LMS/IS. User-friendly, brand-focused, impactful learning in your Academy.

Gamification elements

Drive motivation and active learning with rewards, badges, and challenges. Elevate engagement and make learning fun in your Academy.

Great analytics

Track progress, engagement, and performance. Optimize content, personalize experiences for measurable results in your Academy.

Podcasts / audio books

Expand knowledge on-the-go. Access valuable insights in your Academy, catering to diverse learning preferences.

2) Creative services and support

We manage your entire Customer Education Academy, from strategy to content creation, technology setup, regular updates, and result tracking. Focus on your core objectives while we ensure seamless operation and impactful learning experiences for your customers.

Strategy Masters

Expertly craft strategy and plan for your academy project, ensuring success.

Content Strategy

Develop a comprehensive content strategy and execute pilot content projects.

Prototype Testing

We will conduct prototype testing with user focus groups to refine your customer academy.

Portal Building

We build a customized portal or seamlessly update content on your existing platform.

Content Updates

We keep your academy fresh and relevant with regular content updates and enhancements.

Student Onboarding

Ensure a smooth onboarding experience for your students with our expert assistance.


Cyanides explained academy explains the facts about cyanides to the general public. For example, what are cyanides? Which everyday substances contain cyanides? Where can you find them in nature, the human body, and everyday life? 

Brand awarenes

Public relation

Myth busting

Brand loyalty

Customer Academy:

UOL Academy‚Äč

UOL Academy aims to help entrepreneurs and accounting experts in the Czech Republic gain complex knowledge in accounting. Accounting is surely not a fun topic for most people. That’s why UOL bets on engaging videos, e-books, quizzes, games, and more.

Upsell / Cross-sell

E-commerce conversion

Brand loyalty

Product adoption

Customer Academy:


Let's start!

1) Free consultation

Share your project and needs with us. We’ll guide you on the right path to get started.

2) workshop

Your team will enjoy strategy workshop to unlock the full potential of customer education.

3) Strategy & Proposal

Receive a tailored strategy and proposal for short-term and long-term content production.

4) Concept design

We’ll create prototypes and pilot projects, testing them with your team, customers, or focus groups.

5) Content production

We will deliver engaging content such as videos, online courses, web portals, and customer academies.

6) Measure & optimise

Measure KPIs and continuously optimize content and technology for improved results.