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We helped Paysend to get 1.5 mil. new clients

Paysend is a global money transfer provider. They needed to acquire new users across the globe. We delivered a set of localised animated video stories and as a result, engaged people to start using the service.

We organised several exploration workshops and learned about target groups from Paysend’s team. We also conducted research on particular markets to understand how to communicate with the target audience.

After Paysend introduced us to their challenges and plans for digital campaigns, our team came up with ideas for new content.

Those ideas were moulded into scripts and animated concepts over several meetings and online workshops with the product team and marketing manager. Once the concepts were approved, production started.

We created a set of explainer videos and video ads in multiple languages and formats. In order to appeal to different markets, the visuals were altered based on the user base, and whether they were viewing from a desktop or mobile app.

Since the products are evolving very fast, Paysend and Playou have established long-term cooperation and the content is being constantly updated.

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How do we help marketing teams?

Brand awareness

We will help you to target the right audience with the right message. Whether you want to reach thousands or millions of people, we will bring you an entire solution – including strategy, websites with videos, content for social media, games, VR apps and much more.


We help marketing teams to define target groups and turn leads into new customers. We build strategy and content lead-generation campaigns. We create specific content for particular stages of the sales funnel, from awareness to action.

Sales campaigns

We provide solutions for both B2C and B2B performance marketing. We focus on creating high conversion-rate content. We strive to precisely understand your clients and the value proposition and deliver a high-value message.

Client onboarding

We will help you turn your users into active and loyal customers. The right content delivered to your current customers on a regular basis will boost your sales and increase revenue. We will provide your team with onboarding explainer videos, interactive educational apps and other valuable content.