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We helped Comap win a tender in India

ComAp, a leading manufacturer of control products for power generation and engine control, asked Playou to help them prepare an explainer video to strongly support their offer in an important international tender.

To get a comprehensive understanding of the offered solution, we organized an intensive workshop with ComAp’s technical expert behind the offer. In a single workshop we were able to put together detailed drawings of the whole solution.

Once the drawings were finished, our team put together a storyboard that took ComAp’s team step-by-step through the process to make sure we had a correct brief.

With the brief in place, we’ started the production process. After moving through the script, animatic and design proposal, we presented the final product.

Playou delivered a video that encapsulates what ComAp has to offer as a company and explains the offered solution step-by-step in an understandable and visually simplified style. 

The mission was successful, and ComAp sealed a big international deal in India.

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How do we help sales teams?

Proposals to clients

We help sales teams win deals thanks to precise and visual explanation of the solution and its value to decision makers. We gain the necessary insights in workshops with your team, and then provide you with advanced presentations, explainer videos, infographics and much more.

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We provide you with an advanced solution for your expo booth or stand. We prepare presentations, videos or VR/AR installations for the event to help you give your audience an outstanding experience.

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