ComAp, a leading manufacturer of control products for power generation and engine control, has asked Playou to help them prepare an explainer video to strongly support their offer in an important international tender.

Playou delivered a 3-minute long video, that introduced the company and showcased their solution in detail. The offer was a success and ComAp has won the deal.


The brief was simple – present ComAp as a successful company with many installations and explain the offered solution in a simple and understandable way to high-level management.


To get a comprehensive understanding of the offered solution, we organized an intense workshop with ComAp’s technical expert behind the offer. In those, 3 hours we were able to put together detailed drawings of the whole solution.

Once the drawings were finished, our team has put together a storyboard that took ComAp’s team step-by-step through the process to make sure we have a correct brief.

With the brief in place, we’ve started the production process. After moving through script, animatic and design proposal, we have presented the final product.

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Playou has delivered a video that encapsulates what ComAp has to offer as a company and explains the offered solution step-by-step in an understandable and visually simplified style:


Thanks to the hard work of ComAp’s team and video from Playou, ComAp has sealed a big international deal in India.