Get a video design concept of explainer video for free, only in October


In Playou, we decided to open our doors to those interested in corporate video in October 2018. Companies have the opportunity to let us create a story and the design concept of explainer videos for free with no obligation.

What do we offer (in October)?

The aim of the collaboration is to create a narrative story or script for a future video. Next, we create a moodboard that will show the style of the video.

An important part of the planning is the design of a video marketing strategy. An example of such a strategy might be, for example, how to schedule a Facebook or Instagram video campaign. It is also good to know which video formats work well on the landing page or how to welcome the customer with video on the onboarding software platform.


We have completed more than 350 projects; explainer videos, video tutorials, advertising videos, interactive videos, and videos of many other formats.  We have also worked and are still working with over a hundred corporate clients. All of these clients had something in common - they did not know how working with video animation would work for them, and they were a little scared. We do not even  mention those who feared so much that they still have no videos. That is why we would like to let our new clients try our services and experience working with us, without any commitment.

Who is the offer for?

Anyone who thinks about video production seriously and wants to try to co-operate with an animation studio or video agency can turn to us. As a rule, we work with marketing directors or specialists, executives and business owners. It does not matter whether it is a global bank or a promising startup.

How to get a free video design concept?

Simply fill in the contact details form. We will call back and we will talk about the video call (usually via Zoom or Skype) or a phone call.

How is this offer going to work?

  1. In a video call, we'll get to know your brand, products, target group, your plans, and capacities, as well as, financial options.

  2. On the basis of the information we receive, we prepare an analysis or a research for the creation of the video concept. We follow trends that work well across industries and marketing channels in video marketing.

  3. We prepare story concept and moodboard videos. We will prepare for the distribution of video or campaign. Next, we will process the video design calculations and eventually set up and manage the campaign.

  4. Voila! We'll make everything available and send you ...

  5. Finally, we will call you back and discuss the concept you have created.

And then it is up to you whether you decide to make a video or postpone it later.

Concept preparation is free of charge in October. Take the opportunity to register.

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