The task

“We need quick and catchy videos that will explain our four main products and represent the Active24 brand. Our goal is to make ourselves more visible to our 100,000 current clients and also gain new ones.” 


What all came out of it?

50+ versions of videos
Horizontal, squared and vertical formats
An extensive collection of illustrations
GIFs for social networks
Web banners
Promotional items


The story(-ies)

To us, Active24 is a brand that represents innovation and the highest quality of services. Thanks to previous Active24 campaigns, such as the viral “Super Václav” campaign, we knew that we could afford to work with a bit of humor. Finding and fine-tuning our idea didn’t take long. We decided to create heroes who go on adventures with Active24 and carry out their “daring plans”. Active24 offers four main products – domains, servers, webhosting, and a unique email client. Each of these products gave us the room we needed for inspiration and ideas. Along with her team, Active24’s marketing manager Martina Pohořelická gave us a great amount of space to come up with the stories, and that worked greatly to our advantage. We created adventurous stories in which our heroes go bungee jumping, drive motorboats, zip around on super-fast motorcycles, or travel through the African jungle. And why not? After all, their plans were meant to be daring!


Videos created for a large-scale digital campaign

We came up with the scenarios and actual videos themselves in a way that allowed us to create various versions. Our work resulted in four “sets” of videos, which always represent one product + one video that represents the brand. Each set is localized to fit the language of the given market. Each set also contains one approx. 60 second version to be placed on the landing page, a shorter approx. 25 second version for the pre-roll campaign (i.e. a video advertisement that plays before other video content on YouTube, etc.) and for Facebook campaigns, and also a 6 second flash/bumper version for YouTube. A total of 37 versions of the videos were created. 


Illustrations – a great way to utilize our work

While creating its animated videos, Playou also generates a large amount of unique illustrations that, when used on their own, have great potential for further use. Many of our clients have used them for their banners, websites, or printed materials. With Active24, we’ve gone even farther than this. Because the company’s clients reacted very positively to the new illustrated design of the campaign, Active24 decided to use these illustrations to create various promotional items, which are now gradually appearing at their conferences and other events. Playou and Active24 are now thinking up new ways to use our animated heroes, and that’s why we’re expecting this case study to continue on in its production. These graphics can also be used as web headers for individual product pages or even as a home page.